alliance of principled conservatives 

Fight For Arizona 

 Arizona is worth Fighting For.
 Join the Alliance to fight for a conservative majority in 2014.

Do not wait - NOW is the time to Stand Up and Fight for Arizona.

The Alliance of Principled Conservatives has formed to give a voice
to the frustrated people in Arizona.  Governor Brewer and the 15 traitors
lied and then surrendered Arizona to a progressive agenda. They are
empowered, emboldened, and they are planning on doing it again

It is time to face the reality that we do not have a Republican majority
because of these traitors and that they have formed a new

The Alliance of Principled Conservatives is an Independent Expenditure
with one mission:  defeat as many of the traitors as we can with limited government and fiscally sane conservatives.  We plan to do this by running
hard-hitting campaigns throughout the state and stopping the insanity of protecting the traitors just because they have an ‘R’ beside their name.

We are supported throughout the state by solid principled people including
Moderate Republicans, Conservatives, Libertarians, Independents, and
Moderate Democrats comprised of hard-working taxpayers and small
business owners who simply want to work and raise their families and
are bone weary of lying politicians selling them out. 

We find it unacceptable that Republicans compromise their core principles
while the Democrats do not 
budge even one inch.

And we believe that Arizona is worth fighting for

American Commitment Video - Final Hours of the Special Session

Arizona House - June 11, 2013


Fight for Arizona - Join the Alliance

The Alliance

  • Small Businessmen
  • Hard Working Taxpayers
  • Principled Conservatives
The Axis - lead by Governor Brewer
  • Corporate Welfare Recipients
  • Greedy Lobbyists
  • Rogue Republicans 


The Brewercrats:
  • Governor Brewer, 
  • State Senators:
  • John McComish   
  • Adam Driggs
  • Bob Worsley 
  • Steve Pierce
  • Michele Reagan
  • Rich Crandall 
  • Representatives:
  • Jeff Dial 
  • Rob Robson
  • Heather Carter
  • Ethan Orr
  • Frank Pratt 
  • TJ Shope 
  • Doris Goodale 
  • Doug Coleman 
  • Kate Brophy-McGee

The Surrender of Arizona to Obama by
Governor Brewer & the  15 Healthcare Zeros
In the Special Session of the 51st Legislature Governor Brewer lead  15 State Legislators to create an unrepairable divide in the Arizona  Republican party.  The Republicans voted with 100% of the Democrats on 100% of the votes.  Governor Brewer and the 15 Brewercrats sold out Principled Republicans:

- disregarding the will of Arizona voters.
- violating the wishes of the vast majority of Republicans. - refusing to compromise with Republicans. - defying leadership.

  they brought Arizona:
           - Common Core
   - increased taxes
   - increased government regulations 
   - huge debt
   they gave the authority to tax you to an unelected bureaucrat when
   the Arizona Constitution specifically states only the state Legislature can tax. 

Look at "The Votes" to see how far the rogue Republicans were willing to go.

The People Lose In The Special Session.

Fight for Arizona - Join the Alliance
of Small Businessmen, Hard-Working Taxpayers, and Prinicpled Conservatives 

Republicans have been told to 'stand down' because we need 'just one more election' for so long that doing nothing seems to be the perpetual action plan. We have a different point of view. 

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